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Efficiency at our core.

Co.Efficient Alpha.

Coefficient Alpha – Efficient, Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Co.Efficient Alpha

A Greener Tomorrow

We are Alpha. We combine technical experience with financial expertise to work on the most sensible investment clients need in order to secure them the best possible return in a business case. We believe the marketplace is a platform for doing good; we want to do good as we do well. 

Our solutions support companies to be more efficient, innovative and sustainable, and most importantly, help clients deliver a positive return.  

Our Name


(1) a constant

(2) a multiplier


(1) a reliability coefficient

(2) a leader of dominance




(1) maximum result with minimum waste

(2) competent, well organized

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”


– Revelation 22:13

Our Name Reflects Who We Are
We Are @lphas

Our Vision and Mission

Vision directs. Mission empowers. Values shape.

Guided By Our Vision, Inspired By Our Mission

We need a vision to know where we are getting to.

After we know our destination, the mission pushes us to get there.

As we push through, our values determine if/ when/ how we get there.

@lpha Vision


To be an exceptional company with outstanding people, quality products and efficient processes.

@lpha Mission


Identify the most sensible investment for every client and deliver the highest possible returns

Our Values


Same songsheet, same tune.

We do it together.

Altogether, Committed To Business With Values

We are bigger than our fears. 

If your mind can overcome, anything is possible. 

We work hard, nothing less.

100% effort & commitment in every endeavor.

We aim to deliver excellence & achieve success.

You are the difference that make us different.

We respect who we are, what we have & all we do. 

Create a safe space to belong, grow & shine. 

We will do very well by doing the right things well.

Faith & focus shape your destination & destiny.

We are committed to one another's success.

Give of yourself & all will gain as one.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment To Service Excellence
Our Commitment To Performance Excellence

Performance Guarantee

ROI in less than 3 years

Our Commitment To Product Excellence

Product Guarantee

36 months warranty 

Service Guarantee

24/7 support

Our Core Team

Founder & CEO, Damien Cheong

Damien Cheong started Co.Efficient Alpha to help businesses operate more sustainably and reducing costs through optimizing energy consumption. He also separately founded a consultancy and advisory company to support organizations in their digital transformation and upskilling journeys.

His business mantra - Creating an environment where colleagues are well and growing, taking ownership for what we do to run an ethical and profitable business . We operate sustainably, create innovatively and move efficiently. Learning relentlessly as a mindset, challenge and inspiration.

We do not settle for average when we can do great.

2024-3-8_Corporate Pic White Tee e_edited.jpg

In previous capacities, Damien served in commercial leadership roles across Asia Pacific in the last 25 years, experienced in multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. He is well-versed in industrial, education and tech markets. A mathematician by training and an engineer by trade, he completed his EMBA in 2015 and is also a certified trainer (ACLP).

Head of Sales, Jan Phua

Jan joins us as Head of Sales, responsible for growth and most importantly, ensuring customers get the most benefits out of our solutions and maintain a delightful customer experience.

As a seasoned business developer specializing in B2B sales and revenue growth, Jan consistently overachieved objectives in the past 15 years across the financial and corporate training sectors, with an emphasis in acquiring new logos. Her passion for topics relating to sustainability, digitalization, and technology fueled her contribution to championing green initiatives within her organizations.

Jan Phua Website Pic_edited.jpg

Academically, Jan is educated with a business degree with double majors in Marketing and Human Resource Management, with Diplomas in Marketing and Digital Business prior. As an advocate of continuous education and lifelong learning, she completed her ACLP qualification recently and is currently pursuing her DDDLP and advanced certification in financial literacy.


She harkens to John Wooden’s (aka Wizard of Westwood) belief that things will work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out. Making lemonade when life throws lemons.

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