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Co.Efficient Alpha are proud to have the recognition and support from sustainability advocates, green institutions and clients.

Have a look at some of the awards and testimonies - 

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UOB Finlab Greentech Accelerator 2024

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Co.Efficient Alpha have won a coveted seat on the prestigious UOB Finlab's Greentech Accelerator 2024, under the <Energy Efficiency> category.


We are delighted to be recognized as a reputable and credible company with a solution proven to support companies in their sustainability and energy efficiency efforts.

IPI Singapore

IPI Singapore

IPI Singapore, a subsidiary of Enterprise Singapore, is an innovation catalyst that creates opportunities for enterprises to grow beyond boundaries.


In August 2023, IPI Singapore approached us with interest in understanding the technology and working principle of the voltage optimizer. After several months of study, IPI Singapore concurred on the effectiveness of the voltage optimizer and most importantly, the benefits that businesses can derive out of using the voltage optimizer in their operations.

IPI Singapore’s Endorsement Of Our Voltage Optimizer
IPI Singapore’s Endorsement Of Our Voltage Optimizer
Domino's Pizza


Domino's Pizza has been established in Singapore since 2009.  In April 2019, the first optimizer in Singapore was installed in Domino’s Ang Mo Kio outlet; to-date, optimizers are installed in 37 outlets.

There are another 50 outlets in Malaysia installed with the optimizers.

Domino’s enjoy an average savings of 10% monthly, are more energy efficient and sustainable in their operations.

Coefficient Alpha Domino’s Optimizer
Coefficient Alpha Domino’s Optimizer
Coefficient Alpha Domino’s Optimizer
Domino Pizza’s Endorsement
Coefficient Alpha Domino’s Optimizer
Coefficient Alpha Domino’s Optimizer
Sia Huat

Sia Huat

Sia Huat is one of the most established brands in food services in Singapore. They have been stablished over 60 years with facilities across South East Asia, with 3 retail outlets and a office cum service centre cum distribution warehouse in Pandan.


We installed an optimizer at their Pandan premises in July 2023, and helped Sia Huat achieved a monthly energy reduction and savings of 11.7%.

Coefficient Alpha Sia Huat's Voltage Optimizer
Sia Huat’s Voltage Optimization Savings

Breadtalk is a multinational snack and beverage corporation established in 2000 with close to 700 outlets and owns a portfolio of distinctive brands.


In May 2023, we installed an optimizer at their cake-making central kitchen in their Tai Seng IHQ headquarters as a pilot project, and achieved energy reduction and savings of 12.64%.



Coefficient Alpha Breadtalk's Voltage Optimizer
Coefficient Alpha Breadtalk’s Endorsement

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